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AccraGhana's capital

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James Town

James Town

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James Town

Cleland Road and Abose-Okai Road

Price:  Free admission

Type:  Neighborhoods & Districts

The most historical district in Accra is also one of the most interesting to visit. Originally settled by Ga fishermen, an active fishing community still exists here alongside crumbling colonial buildings and a crowded residential area that overlaps in part with the sprawling Makola Market. Where the neighborhood meets the ocean, you will come across the James Town Lighthouse, built in 1871 by the British. Nearby are the Ussher and James Town Forts, colonial buildings that have been around for centuries. Take your time here. In addition to the historical sights, take note of the lively community that calls James Town home. While it is one of Accra's poorer neighborhoods, James Town is by no means unsafe—Accra in general is a remarkably safe city.
James Town
Cleland Road and Abose-Okai Road

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