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AccraGhana's capital

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Makola Market

Makola Market

Photo by Nathan Holland

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Makola Market

Kojo Thompson Road

Hours:  Daily 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

Price:  Most vendors $20 or less.

Type:  Neighborhoods & Districts

As much as a Makola is a shopping destination, it's also a cultural institution of Accra and few places provide such a wide window into Ghanaian life. Browse through the open-air food market to get a sense for where the ingredients come from in all of those Ghanaian dishes you've been eating. Pyramids of tomatoes and onions tower over metal bowls of rice, maize meal, millet and peanuts (called groundnuts in Ghana). Nearby, vendors stock live chickens, crabs and snails. In the dense interior of Makola, women sell fabrics alongside tailors and seamstresses who furiously sew the cloths into various outfits. Take your time and enjoy the social atmosphere—vendors are often friendly and quick to strike up a conversation whether you are buying something or not.
Makola Market
Kojo Thompson Road

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