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Sky Photo Contest

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Sunset with Boats
"St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados, shot November 2008. On a family vacation, we were walking along the boardwalk searching for a restaurant when I looked out and saw the perfect scene of the water and sunset."
—Emily McConahay
River Picture
"As we were riding on a motor boat, the sky and its reflection on the Agua Boa River in  Brazil was a sight to behold! Every time we took a picture, the whole sky had changed colors again!"
—Diane Travis

"This rainbow was the beautiful result of a heavy rainfall on the way to Milford Sound, New Zealand."
—Bridget Bernhoft

"Many Quechua girls and women make extra money by posing for tourists in their traditional dress on the streets of Cuzco, Peru. By doing this after school and on weekends, they have fun meeting foreigners and, more importantly, make much needed money for school fees and supplies. I decided to hire them for a 'photo shoot.' They were great sports, and we had a lot of fun!"
—Jeff Kennel

Peruvian Church
"The photo is of a church in Iquitos, Peru, shot in October, 2008.  I was inspired  by the interesting lighting of the church and how it stood out against the stunning color of the sky."
—Lynn Marie Morski

"We were on the Agua Boa River in Brazil. The lily pads were enormous! They looked like we would be able to just walk across the river on them without falling in!"
—Diane Travis

"This picture was taken right outside of Manhattan, Kansas, in January, 2009. It really shows the heart of Kansas with the wheat and the old windmill.  Every time I drove by this all I could think about was how much I wanted a picture of it. I'm not originally from Kansas, so to me this picture captures the Midwest in a single shot."
—Katy Saunders

Historic Savannah
"Historic Savannah, Georgia, taken in December, 2008."
—Diane Glatzer

Eiffel Tower
"Eiffel Tower, Paris, December 2004.  I took many shots that night as the Parisian icon was gorgeous, and this one turned out the best."
—Erik Heinz

"Main Square of Brussels in Fall 2008.  This must be one of Europe's most impressive city squares, enhanced by spectacular evening illumination."
—Yolan Laporte

"On a weekend trip to Amsterdam in March 2009 I saw this beautiful reflection of the buildings in the canal and knew this was going to be a great picture."
—Amber Kindsvogel

"The Acropolis in Athens at sunset. The Acropolis (restored in summer 2008) represents the best that mankind has produced in thought and architecture."
—Yolan Laporte

WINNER: Hanoi, Vietnam
"This photograph was taken downtown Hanoi, Vietnam.  They had had massive floods, and I saw this person walking by the lake."
—Ruy Da Costa Lima

Throughout the entire month of June, readers logged on to Deltaskymag.com and submitted their best personal travel photos. After sorting through countless entries, Sky editors chose their favorite photos, and the ultimate winner was awarded 25,000 SkyMiles. See the finalists—and winner—here, and keep an eye out for your next chance to win on Deltaskymag.com.

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Will Schick
Dear Sky!
I'm a previous employee of Delta Air Lines and still fly them as my carrier of choice. I wanted to share with you that I had an opportunity to thumb through the Aug. edition and the entire magazine was a treat! I could tell that as the airline has evolved, so has the magazine! It almost had the feel of a quality travel magazine!
9/2/2009 10:16:58 AM

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