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Aruba Basics


The island of Aruba is located just 15 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean and offers travelers a laid-back lifestyle where no one is in a hurry. Year-round warm temperatures that consistently hover in the 80s make this the perfect spot for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Although this island is small in size, measuring at only 20 miles long, Aruba offers a charming personality with a versatile landscape ready for exploring. The west coast boasts beautiful beaches perfect for lounging, while the east coast’s Arikok National Park and rocky terrain are great for hiking. Colorful buildings showcase the island’s Dutch heritage and unique Divi-Divi trees are sprinkled throughout the entire island, making it nearly impossible to be gloomy.

If you’re looking for excitement in the city, Oranjestad and the surrounding resort areas have a lot to offer. Simply stroll down the main thoroughfares, including Oranjestad’s L.G. Smith Boulevard and find stellar cafés, local boutiques, designer shops, buzzing nightlife options and glittering casinos lining the way.

Aruba also boasts some of the best spots in the world when it comes to snorkeling or diving. One of the most popular is The Antilla, a sunken 400-foot German ship now surrounded by a cornucopia of brightly colored coral and tropical fish.

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