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Baltimore Water Taxi

Baltimore Water Taxi

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Baltimore Water Taxi

1735 Lancaster St.



Hours:  Daily 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Price:  Under $10

Type:  Monuments & Historic Sites

Once you tire of moving around the city by foot, or you’re just ready to experience the Inner Harbor in all its splendor, jump aboard one of the canopied water taxis that ferry travelers between several of the harbor’s most popular landings, including Fell’s Point, Fort McHenry, Harbor East and the National Aquarium. Friendly tour guides provide commentary on historic sights and places on the skyline while shuttling you between landings, and each stop offers an array of dining, shopping and activities, many of which give discounts when you show your Water Taxi ticket stub. Tickets can be purchased at the docks (cash only), at ticket booths around the city or online. For travelers visiting Baltimore several times over the course of a year, Water Taxi also offers a Frequent Floater pass, valid for a full year.
Baltimore Water Taxi
1735 Lancaster St.

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