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Barcelonaspain's sleepless city

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1 City 5 Ways: Merry Maritimer

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Night // CDLC and Shoko
Get behind the velvet ropes at one of these slick clubs, CLDC and Shoko, where you’ll find Barcelona’s beautiful people at their most approachable.
Dinner // Luz de Gas Port Vell
Luz de Gas Port Vell is actually more of a barge than a bar, located right on the water in the Port Vell neighborhood. You’ll discover the pragmatic aspect of tapas—just enough food to get you to your next stop without slowing you down.
Afternoon and Lounging

Despite the mild climate, the W’s after-hours pulse can be pulverizing. You have to remind yourself that there’s no shame in lounging on the expansive poolside patio (pictured).

Afternoon // El Remitger
This store has everything from fishing tackle to deck chairs, but make yourself comfortable in one of those colorful striped shirts in the classic Catalan nautical style.

Where to Stay // W Barcelona
Ricardo Bofill designed the W’s sail to stand stiff against the Mediterranean. It also glows at night, so no matter how far you venture, it’s easy to wander back to Barcelona’s newest architectural landmark.

Barcelona is a quintessentially laid-back city by the sea, but that doesn't mean it's a snooze, and it certainly doesn't mean you're going to catch many z's.

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W Barcelona

El Remitger

Luz de Gas Port Vell

CDLC and Shoko

Text by Steve Marsh

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