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1 City 5 Ways: Tango Enthusiast

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Where to Stay: Alvear Palace
Where to Stay // Alvear Palace
The name of this luxury hotel is apropos, as strolling through its ornate interiors will have you feeling like royalty. Channel your inner king or queen at daily high tea, then dial up a personal butler to fill the Jacuzzi when the tango has had its way with you. 
Morning: Tango Lessons
Morning // Tango Lessons
Learn the dance from some of Argentina’s best milongueros. Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega at Estudio La Esquina come highly recommended.

Breakfast // La Biela
If the weather is nice, sit on the terrace beneath the sweeping gum trees and watch tangueros dance for the change pitched into their upturned fedoras.
Dinner Show: Café Tortoni
Dinner Show // Café Tortoni
Café Tortoni is one of the city’s timeless venues, where you’ll likely hear composer Astor Piazzolla’s classic tunes wafting up to the vaulted ceilings between performances.
Dinner: Los 36 Billares
Dinner // Los 36 Billares
Live out your tango fantasies at dinner on the dance floor of this erstwhile gaming hall, where the city’s Porteños glide along beside touristas, perfecting their ochos and boleos.
Afternoon Activity: Shoe Shopping

Afternoon // Shoes!
Tango shoes are as much fashion statement as logistic necessity; two of the city’s exalted shops offer a stylish selection: Comme il Faut and Tango Moda.

Tango Enthusiast: If you melt when you hear someone draw winsome notes from a bandoneón, you’ll spend plenty of time in Argentina swooning to the music.

—By Saxon Henry

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