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Argentinian Steak Houses

La Brigada
Dining in any of Buenos Aires' best steak houses, known as parrillas, are an authentic way to savor and experience the cuisine of Argentina. You'll find the open-air barbecues of different meats on nearly every street corner. Slow cooking allows for a delicious, flavorful and tender piece of steak, lamb or pork. 

Argentina is known for having the highest consumption of beef per capita–in all of the world, quite an accomplishment. Portions are often large, and dinner doesn't commence until well into the night, typically around 10 p.m. Spend the day wandering the many neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to work up your appetite, and settle in for the evening at any of these great spots.

Cabana Las Lilas
516 Ave. Alicia Moreau de Justo
Buenos Aires

La Brigada
465 Estados Unidos
Buenos Aires

La Cabrera
5127 Cabrera
Buenos Aires

El Estanciero
202 Báez
Buenos Aires

El Obrero
64 Agustin R. Caffarena
Buenos Aires

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