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Photo Courtesy of welcomeargentina.com

With the origins coming from the slums of Buenos Aires and dating back to the 1800s, tango quickly became a cosmpolitan phenomenon not only in the city itself but also across the world. Today the dance is as lively and energetic as the music that sets the mood. The tango is an emotional dance, playing out the many apsects of love, life and the emotional dyanmic between two lovers, portrayed by the two dancers and sultry voices of tango singers.

Buenos Aires is filled with plenty of opportunities to explore the tango. Whether you want to dance yourself, watch or just listen to the unique music, here are some ideas.

Boca Tango
923 Brandsen
Buenos Aires

Cafe Tortoni
825 Av De Mayo
Buenos Aires


Complejo Tango
2608 Ave Belgrano
Buenos Aires

Madero Tango
Buenos Aires

Piazzolla Tango
165 Florida
Buenos Aires

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