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Walking Tour of Buenos Aires

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San Telmo
Tango murals and atmospheric cobblestone streets are the heart and soul of this neighborhood. San Telmo is a well-known "tango" barrio in Buenos Aires, where you'll find a lot of the tango shows are based.
Our Lady of Rosario Church
The neighborhood of Monserrat is home to Our Lady of Rosario church. The spire here shows the bullet holes that represent the battles that ensued when the British invaded Buenos Aires in 1806.
Plaza de Mayo
The original Spanish Colonial government headquarters constructed in 1609, Plaza de Mayo is the oldest single structure left standing in Buenos Aires. Plaza de Mayo is also the official location where Buenos Aires was successfully settled by Spanish explorer Juan de Garay in 1580.
Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada, located in Plaza de Mayo, is affectionately known as the "Pink House" and houses the Argentine executive government, including the president's office. The balcony is a famous sight that many all over the world can recall. Foremer President Juan Peron and his glamorous wife, Evita, often gave speeches from its balcony to hundreds of thousands of people crowded into the square.
Buenos Aires Subway
The old wooden subway cars have been running on the A Line of the Buenos Aires Subway for more than 95 years. This line was the first subway ever built in the southern hemisphere, back in 1913. During this time, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world.
Cafe Tortoni
First built in 1858, Cafe Tortoni is the oldest–and arguably–most beautiful cafe in Buenos Aires. Small tango shows are still held nightly inside the intimate theater in the backroom of the cafe.
The monument to the 649 Argentine soldiers that died during the Guerra de las Malvinas (Falklands War) against Britain in 1982 is guarded by different members of the armed forces each week. The memorial is backed by leafy Plaza San Martin, with the impressive Art Deco Kavanagh building in sight.
Plaza Francia
The Our Lady of Pilar church in Plaza Francia is nestled in Recoleta, one of the most upmarket barrios of Buenos Aires. This elegant church is a simple yet stunning example of the Spanish colonial architecture throughout the city.
Familia Duarte Mausoleum
Perhaps the most famous tomb in the Recoleta Cemetery, Eva Peron rests in the Familia Duarte mausoleum (Duarte being Eva's maiden name). There is typically a small crowd waiting to see the spot.
Recoleta Cemetary
The cemetery is often referred to as the "city of the dead" or "city of angels" and is set up with a "street" system of blocks and criss-crossing diagonals. The plan of the cemetery is actually very similar to the plan of Buenos Aires city center, only much smaller in scale. It's just one of the many lovely and historic stops along the incredible Buenos Walking Tours.

The cobblestone streets, architecture drawing from Spanish, French and Italian influences, and the lifestyle all make Buenos Aires an excuisite and unique city to explore. The city is made for walking, so spend a few hours following the footsteps of some of the most knowledgeable "locals"–those who have such a love for this city that they've left home and moved here.

Buenos Tours is a compilation of private Buenos Aires walking tours and a well-edited Buenos Aires travel blog of all of the best places, people and events going on around the city. Founded by Alan, a native of England, Buenos Tours offers some of the best walking tours in all of Buenos Aires.

Intrigued? Grab your shoes, and get ready to explore this grand Latin American city. Buenos Walking Tours are typically a few hours long, with walking distances usually not exceeding four miles. You'll be perusing some of the best historic sites, neighborhoods and eclectic culture on foot.

Buenos Tours, 3 de Febrero 999, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1426, 54–11–3221–1048

Photography by Elliot Solomon

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