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Graham Elliot on Dried Lemon

Graham Elliot

Dried lemons photo by Kang Kim

Tattooed super-chef Graham Elliot is equally at home being the culinary director of the Lollapalooza music festival and running a Chicago culinary empire that includes the two-Michelin-starred Graham Elliot and casual eatery Graham Elliot Bistro.

Right now, he’s loving dried lemon.

Says Elliot, “Dried lemons have a unique fragrance all their own, and they’re fun to grate over seafood dishes right before they leave the kitchen to give them an acidic, slightly bitter flavor profile.”

This month, the chef will add a citric hit to dishes such as wild halibut with variations of asparagus, curry froth and dried lemon as well as a scallop sashimi with mixed sea vegetables, shaved radishes and scallions with dried lemon oil.

Dried Lemon Fun Facts
> To make dried lemon zest, grate a well-washed lemon (avoid the bitter white pith underneath), then place the zest on a paper towel and microwave for 12 minutes.

> To dry whole slices of lemon, bake at a low heat.

> Dried lemon slices are consumed for dessert in many African countries.


Tune in to Elliot's playlist!


Get It Now
Graham Elliot isn't the only one loving dried lemon. Try the unique ingredient at these three restaurants.

        Café del Rey in Marina del Rey, Calif., crafts a kale and dried lemon zest-infused farfalle pasta.
        The Churchill in West Hollywood, Calif., turns out Spanish octopus with preserved and dried lemon.
        Takashi in Chicago adds dried lemon to lemon macarons. And don’t miss the lemon cotton candy!



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