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A.J. Green on Freedom Way

Freedom Way

Freedom Way photo by Jeremy Kramer

AP Photo.        

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A. J. Green has led his team to a franchise-record three consecutive playoff appearances and has caught a whopping 29 touchdown passes since entering the NFL in 2011. The only thing more impressive than the 26-year-old’s Pro Bowl stats, however, might be his killer sneaker collection, which makes a frequent cameo on his Instagram feed. “I always try to get the newest releases right when they come out,” he says. Among his most prized kicks are the Air Jordan 1 Banned in royal blue and black and the Kanye West-inspired Air Yeezy 2 Red October. Conveniently, Green lives, works, dines and shops all on the same street, making any destination an easy walk. Here’s how he puts his shoes to work on Freedom Way.

Holy Grail Banks: “If you go on Monday nights during the NFL season, you’ll probably see me and some of my teammates. The Bengals Radio Network broadcasts from this location, and we get to interact with fans.”

Fountain Square District: “It’s an outdoor area that has a lot of events going on, and I can always find things to buy at Saks Fifth Avenue or Macy’s.”

Mahogany’s: “The best restaurant around to get some good soul food. It definitely takes me back to my roots [in South Carolina]. You can’t go wrong with their fried catfish.”

Paul Brown Stadium: “This is where I try to bring a lot of joy to fans by making plays and getting as many wins as possible. I really love the fans here in Cincinnati. They’re down-to-earth and real.”  

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