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Professional Guitars

Courtesy of Professional Guitars

Professional Guitars, located in one of Detroit's northern suburbs, helps keep the city's music tradition alive.

An independent spirit shines through the six-stringed instruments at Professional Guitars in Ferndale, one of Detroit’s northern suburbs. When owner Patrick Doran, a longtime musician and instructor, opened the shop in 1990, he helped keep a neighborhood tradition alive. “There has been a music store in this location since the mid-'80s,” he says.

Today, Doran buys, sells and repairs instruments in the space, and he encourages clientele to stroll in and strum the merchandise. “People like to come in and kick the tires and see if they can get a good deal,” he says. Doran deals mainly in Ibanez and Washburn guitars, but vintage instruments, music theory books, amplifiers and accessories are also available.
  • What’s hot now: The Washburn Acoustic Solid Top. A true classic.
  • Doran’s #1: The true pro’s favorite guitar is the 1977 vintage Ibanez (model 2355 Archton), which retails for approximately $1,500.

Professional Guitars
, 131 W. 9 Mile, Ferndale, Michigan, 248-398-9437

This article has been adapted from the original, which was published in the October by MSP Communications.

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Bill Irwin
Visited this shop for the first time recently. Awesome selection. Great staff. Highly recommend the place if you're looking for a good buy!
2/22/2010 10:34:58 AM

Lee Tilson
All my best guitar equipment was purchased from Pat. Great store. Great guitar player. Great guy.
6/24/2010 9:50:16 AM

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