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Grand Caymanisland in the sun

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Cayman Islands National Museum

Courtesy of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

The Cayman Islands National Museum.

The size of Grand Cayman (no more than 22 miles long and 8 miles at the widest point) makes it perfect to explore by foot. There are many historical and natural sites around the island, so plan at least half a day for a walking tour.

Visitors do not need a guide to show them most sites around Grand Cayman. For information on where to go around the island, first visit the National Trust Headquarters and Visitors Center (558 South Church Street, George Town) to pick up a map of properties and sites around the island. There are also information sheets on the natural and historical landmarks of Grand Cayman.

There are more sites to see than perhaps you have time or energy for. If you must limit your tour, be sure to see:  

  • Old Savannah School House, a one-room schoolhouse circa 1930. Inside are documents and artifacts donated by former pupils.
  • Fort George, one of the oldest structures on Grand Cayman.
  • Mission House, one of the island’s oldest known houses. The standing building is a replica of the original, which was destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan.
  • East End Light House Park, the site of Grand Cayman’s first lighthouse.

The National Trust also offers guided walking tours, such as a historic walking tour of George Town, a tour of Historic Mission House and an Eastern District tour. They also lead a tour along the Mastic Trail, which traverses the Mastic Reserve, home to many rare and endangered plants.

For more information on self-guided walking tours or guided tours, call the National Trust, 345-749-1121, or visit the website.

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