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Lava Beach
Hawaii’s Big Island is a mix bag, with eleven different climate zones in total. With one quick 45-minute plane ride from Honolulu, you can see everything from rain forests to arid deserts to black sand beaches such as this one.
Hawaiian Wildlife
The natural wildlife in Hawaii is abundant. One of the most spectacular native species is the dolphin. There are multiple spots in Honolulu where visitors can swim with these water mammals, or take a ride out on the ocean to watch these creatures in their own habitat.
Kahaluu Beach Park
Take a day trip to Big Island and visit Kahaluu Beach Park, where the snorkeling, turtle-watching and surfing is exceptional.
Kona Surf Shack
Across the street from Kahaluu Beach Park is Kona Surf, a surf shack where you can rent boards and other surfing gear. A local surfer started the shack while in his '20s, and for the past five years, it has been family owned.
Dining On Big Island
While on the north side of Big Island, a great place for dinner is Merriman’s in Waimea. Chef Peter Merriman is famous for Hawaiian cuisine, using 90 percent local product in his dishes.   
Cliff Beach
On the north side of Hawaii, the scenery is a little different than the coastal beaches near the south. It is definitely worth your trip to venture up for an afternoon or a day; drive along the coast for incredible views and even some waterfalls.
Cliffs of Big Island
Valley of the Kings in Waipio Valley on Big Island.
All of the islands of Hawaii are breathtakingly beautiful and have a set of unique characteristics. While visiting Honolulu, take a trip to a nearby Big Island to explore more of what Hawaii has to offer. Big Island is extremely diverse, and thanks to the active Kilauea volcano, it's still growing. There are plenty of quick and inexpensive flights for inter-island travel.

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