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Jackson Holemountain oasis

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Jackson Hole Basics

Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Wyoming Office of Tourism

Sure, Jackson has plenty of Old West storefronts and clapboard sidewalks—and OK, there’s a horse-drawn stagecoach stopped at a traffic light downtown—but this mountain-town and valley tourist haven also has some of the best dining, architecture and contemporary art galleries in the American West. In a lot of ways, Jackson seems like less of a cohesive municipality than a fun and funky projection of its eclectic residents. Sotheby’s does a brisk business in zillion-dollar trophy homes around town, but there’s also no shortage of mountaineers and ski bums living out of their vans. The well-heeled and the great unwashed commingle freely here, united in a passion for the outdoor landscapes that surround Jackson on every side. Wildlife fills the Teton Mountain range and the broad, adjacent valley known as Jackson Hole. And if it seems like a lot of the locals are just as comfortable communing with elk as they are trading gossip in a downtown pub, well, that’s another pretty direct link to the town’s Wild West past.

Conservation, hospitality and recreation are the economic engines that drive Jackson and Jackson Hole. It’s an area that seems to breathe in and out with the passage of the seasons. The summer tourist throng—a mix of burly outdoorspeople ready for adventure and family vacationers in lumbering RVs—comes for Grand Teton National Park. Winter brings the powderhounds and a cosmopolitan ski crowd. Lodging options, unsurprisingly, reflect the wide demographic range of Jackson visitors, with everything from skiers’ flophouse hostels to world-class resorts such as Amangani. 

The real pleasures of Jackson, of course, lie someplace between the two economic extremes. An engrained foodie culture with a strong local/organic emphasis means you can find knockout cafés on almost any block. Well-fueled, you’ll be ready for a long day on the trail or the river. Jackson, in all its charming incongruity, will be waiting for you when you return.

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