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Jamaica island oasis

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Nerissa Clarke Fannell on Scotch Bonnet Peppers

Peppers photo by Kang Kim

Peppers photo by Kang Kim

Situated on Jamaica’s north coast, the relaxed-chic GoldenEye resort was once home to legendary author Ian Fleming, who penned the James Bond capers here.

Charismatic chef Nerissa Clarke Fannell mans the resort’s two eateries and uses ingredients from owner-cum-Island Records founder Chris Blackwell’s nearby organic farm—not to mention from the surrounding sea.

Notes the chef of her current ingredient of choice: “I love to cook with the Scotch bonnet because it gives the pot a lot of flavor. The pepper comes in many different colors and flavors—mild, hot and very spicy.”

Fannell adds it to dishes such as grilled shrimp with coconut sauce and poached eggs with farm-fresh callaloo. Paired with a vodka martini, naturally.


The Scotch bonnet is named for its resemblance to the tam-o'-shanter cap, the traditional "bonnet" worn by Scottish gents.

The Scotch bonnet is also the name of a sea snail and is the official state shell of North Carolina.

To lessen the heat of a Scotch bonnet, remove the interior membranes before cooking.

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Heat up your fall with dishes that celebrate the punch of the Scotch bonnet pepper.

        The Refinery in Tampa, Florida, has featured a chicken wing confit with a beet-Scotch bonnet pepper buffalo sauce.
        Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena, Calif., adds Scotch bonnets to his canapé of striped jack.
        Sample the Virginia jerk chicken with house-made pickled pepper relish and hot sauce at Brookville in Charlottesville, Va.
Photo by Harrison Keevil.          



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