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Jamaica island oasis

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Jamaica Travels

Jamaica Travel

Photo Couresy of Jamaica Tourist Board

Check with your hotel's concierge regarding tours and guides that are legitimate.

Jamaica has quite the reputation: white beaches, turqouise waters, reggae music flowing throughout the island, total relaxation—the list goes on. As with all travel, however, be sure to take the proper precautions for keeping you and your valuables safe.

Most guests of the island will be stay in resorts, which have accomodating staff and are safe for you to wander about. However, if you're feeling adventurous and want to explore the incredible Caribbean treasure of Jamaica, be sure to use your hotel concierge. With an economy thriving on tourism, you'll find many people who will arrange for taxi rides to destinations or offer information to set up guides so you won't be exploring the area alone. What better way to fully immerse yourself than by touring with guides who live and love the culture of Jamaica? Just make sure they are with an accredited agency, which the hotel can help you certify.

As always, you're traveling. Petty theft can happen. Keep your passport and other valuables in your hotel room safe.

Enjoy meeting the wonderful people of Jamaica, but do take the proper precautions to ensure a great trip.

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