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What to Pack

What to Pack

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What to Pack

Due to the diverse and ever-changing climate of the Big Island, it’s important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. The sun is prevalent in most areas of the island, so it’s best to pack sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and possibly a rash guard for swimming, snorkeling and other waterbound activities as many visitors don’t realize the power of the sun and end up sunburned. Resort wear is good for fine dining, but more formal attire is rarely needed on the island. A camera, including a waterproof version is absolutely essential when visiting Hawaii, as the views are gorgeous, the waters pristine and clear and the sites are nothing short of spectacular. When visiting areas with altitude changes, such as Waimea and the volcanoes or mountains, it’s good to bring clothes for layering—a fleece is a good option as it can be 12 to15 degrees cooler than at sea level. Bring sturdy closed-toed shoes or boots and a water bottle or hands-free drinking device for hiking, along with a waterproof jacket for areas of the island that receive a lot of rain. Other essentials include a dry bag to keep your belongings from getting soaked when kayaking, on a dive boat or when hiking in case of rain, and more than one swimsuit because it’s likely you’ll be wearing one every day.
What to Pack

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