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Balogun Market

balogun market

Courtesy of Balogun Market

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Balogun Market

Balogun Market Street, Lagos Island

Price:  $$ = Items $20-$100

Earn major bragging rights by navigating this see-it-to-believe-it open-market maze called Balogun in the heart of Lagos. A stereotypical bustling market like you see on TV, Balogun is where you’ll find some of the best West African fabrics called “Ankara,” shoes, clothing and other specialty textiles in town for affordable prices. The market itself sprawls several city blocks with tons of hidden alleys and has no real address or contact information, so you’ll have to depend on your hotel staff or taxi driver to guide you there. If your goal is to get the full day-to-day feel of life in Lagos, a visit to Balogun Market is a must, that is if you’re adventurous enough.
Balogun Market
Balogun Market Street, Lagos Island

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