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Lexington Basics


Photo: Jeff Rogers, Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Lexington is undeniably at the heart of horse country and is also a university town. Those aspects are woven throughout the culture of this “very small big town,” as locals refer to it. But look beyond the racing and the thoroughbred sales, and past the fanatic University of Kentucky fans and get to know the city that many who aren't involved in a sport of any type are proud to call home.

They'll tell you this is a friendly town, one where people will happily give you a tip on where to go and what to do—they might even buy you a drink. It's a town where classy and funky overlap, where you will find a red-roped nightclub and a hole in the wall bar where you could meet your new best friend (you can bet they're both serving bourbon, though!).

Lexingtonian's great interest in the outdoors may be their best-kept secret. An active bike culture thrives, and many folks bicycle from place to place. An urban path, the Legacy Trail, is growing beyond its current seven miles and Red River Gorge is just a quick drive away.

But you won’t see a sprawling skyline here. Vocal citizen activists ensured it didn't expand beyond the lone “skyscraper.” For that matter, Lexington isn't known for giant corporations. Instead it's a culture of entrepreneurs, a town where people network and launch enterprises such as the upcoming Bread Box project, a mixed-use project in an old factory which will house non-profits, a community-focused craft brewery and other businesses committed to the community and environment.

It’s a progressive town, where folks like to live and let live.

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