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A (Single!) Brit in L.A.

Ed Weeks

Ed Weeks photographed at Philippe the Original by Jeff Vespa.

The Mindy Project's Ed Weeks on his first trip to the city, brunch on Sunset Boulevard and the (challenging) LA dating scene.

Ed Weeks’ first exposure to Los Angeles after a lifetime in London was a ratty cab ride from LAX with an “aggressive driver and [even with] the B.O. and the cigarettes stinking, it was still one of the most glamorous things I’d ever done.” Things only got better from there. “It was so sunny and all the crazy people, people who looked like Jesus and steroid guys and busty chicks and cool kids and hipsters. It was just everything I hoped it would be.”

And in the year since his arrival, LA has only gotten shinier in his dashing blue eyes. “It’s like the most western point of the Western world in a way,” he says. “I fell in love with it immediately. My only desire on arriving was that I needed to find a way to stay here. I thought, Hopefully I’ll find work, hopefully I can make some money. Even if I just am poor but living here and just making do, as long as I get to stay.”

It worked out. He was hired on FOX’s The Mindy Project as Dr. Jeremy Reed, a sex magnet lothario obstetrician. Weeks settled in West Hollywood, though he dreams of moving to his so-far favorite area, the Abbot Kinney section of Venice, where he eats unbridled amounts of meatballs at Gjelina and generally digs the cool West Side vibe.

Closer to home, he enjoys brunch at Eveleigh on Sunset Boulevard, which he loves for its “sort of island feel” and has recently fulfilled a longtime ambition by joining Soho House. “The panoramic, 360-degree balcony is just incredible,” he says. “As somebody who is also a writer and a lazy, unmotivated one at that, it’s nice to go to a place and be brought some iced tea and cakes and feel better about the fact you’re not writing.”

The one area he could use a little help—if you can believe it, which maybe you can’t—is in the dating department. Weeks finds dating in Los Angeles much more challenging than in his native London.

“I think LA is quite a tough town to date in, if I’m honest,” he admits. “It’s one big bar, where everybody is there just to see who else is here. It’s a big transitory town full of beautiful, high-functioning people. So I think people don’t always know who to pick, like, ‘I don’t know if there’s somebody better who’s going to come along.’ It’s tricky.”

In that way alone, he misses home. “I definitely had more luck in London finding people to be my girlfriend,” he says. “I feel like in London you just get drunk near the person you want to kiss. We just get drunk near each other and lunge.”

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