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Covering Hollywood

Janice Min

If you’ve read Us Weekly’s “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” then you’re likely familiar with the work of Janice Min. The editor worked for People, Life and InStyle before joining Us Weekly, where she doubled circulation and made it a major driver of celebrity culture. In 2010, Min left New York City and Us Weekly for The Hollywood Reporter, and she’s been busy making the former trade daily into a buzzy must-read weekly for anyone in the entertainment industry.

If there’s one party to which Hollywood insiders want to go, what is it? 

“The Night Before” event thrown by [DreamWorks CEO] Jeffrey Katzenberg on the Saturday before the Oscars. It’s the most exclusive ticket in town. There is no press and no photographs, so it is wall-to-wall celebrities relaxed—which you never see.  

What’s your favorite party each year? 

The Hollywood Reporter’s own “Nominees’ Night” event, which we are throwing for the second time in February. Last year was an amazing “who’s who” of Hollywood, from Steven Spielberg to Ben Affleck, at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. And we had Snoop Dogg as the DJ. It was lots of fun.

Who in the industry do you most admire? 

Two that stand out are Jeffrey Katzenberg and Sherry Lansing, the former Paramount studio chief. Both of them are leaders here in their own political involvement and philanthropic giving. The force of their personalities rallies a lot of other people to do good things. 

Of all the actors you’ve met, who most defied your expectations? 

Julianne Moore was my old neighbor in New York City. She was about as normal as you could imagine. Everybody at The Hollywood Reporter loves George Clooney. No drama, he travels without a publicist to photo shoots, and what you see on camera is what you seem to get in person. 

Where do Hollywood’s power players go to talk business over lunch? 

The Grill and Bouchon, both in Beverly Hills. 

What movie do you think best captures Hollywood? 

The Player for its darker elements and L.A. Story for the funnier parts of living here.

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