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Karen Hatfield on Clementines

Karen Hatfield

Karen Hatfield and her husband, Quinn, have wowed the LA food scene with their eatery on Melrose Avenue. National media, too: Bon Appétit named Hatfield’s one of its “best restaurants in America” in 2010.

Chef Quinn crafts the likes of coriander-crusted Monterey Bay squid and 36-hour slow-cooked beef rib pastrami, while pastry chef Karen excels at scotch-mallow chocolate tarts and her renowned sugar-and-spice beignets. So what’s trending on her favorite ingredient list right now?

“Late winter months are often some of the most challenging for pastry chefs,” she says. “This is one reason we are all so fond of the darling clementine. Being a hyper-seasonal fruit, they are best in January and February. They are the perfect balance of sweet and tart citrus.”

Clementines are sometimes referred to as “Christmas oranges.”

Clementines are almost always seedless and are a cross between the Seville orange and the tangerine.

Spain is the world’s largest producer of clementines.

Karen Hatfield photo by Dylan James Ho; Clementines photo by Kang Kim.

Where to Get It
This month, savor the high-octane flavor of clementines, but act quickly before these citrus sensations check out for the season. 

Lucy Restaurant & Bar in Yountville, California, turns out sautéed diver scallops with diced clementines and a celery root purée.     Stella Rossa Pizza Bar in Santa Monica incorporates clementines in a persimmon and pine nut streusel.     Acre in Memphis offers a coal-roasted beet salad with clementines, blue cheese, spiced walnuts and other treats. Photo by Ben Couvillion Photography.


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