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Shay Mitchell's Favorite Street

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Photo by Peter Bohler

Shay Mitchell        
 Photo by Elias Tahan.        

A pop culture phenom starts winding down this month when Pretty Little Liars, the drama that follows four tight-knit high school girls dealing with the disappearance of their friend, kicks off its final season on the Freeform channel. Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, reflects on PLL’s impact. “I hope the show can inspire women to stick together and build each other up, just as we girls have in our own reality,” she says. Mitchell has broken out in a big way, amassing 15.6 million and counting Instagram followers over the past few years. So how does she travel? With the help of an app, naturally. Her go-to is Delightways, which takes users off the beaten path to discover overlooked local gems. Here’s how she navigates arguably the hippest street in Southern California.

Mystic Journey Bookstore
This peaceful shop sells crystals, incense, spirituality books and tarot cards. “I love popping in here if I feel depleted or need some calming energy in my life.”

Kelley Baker Brows
“I’m so lucky my brow girl is on this street—LOL! I refuse to use anyone else for my brows, so when I visit Kelley, I always spend an extra hour or two just walking around the street.”

“Sometimes I’ll pop in and trade whatever I’m wearing for a floral romper or cute tank top,” Mitchell says of this boho-chic clothing boutique. “I visit this store almost every time I’m in Venice.”

This all-day spot has a cool beach vibe. “[It’s] one of my favorite restaurants, and I always bring anyone that visits from out of town for their first or final meal.”

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