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Bobby Flay on Inventive American Restaurants: Michy's


Courtesy of Michy's

This Miami eatery embodies America's unique and diverse flavors.

The Locale: 6927 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

The Chef: A James Beard award-winner and author of Cuisine a Latina, Michelle Bernstein began her career as a ballerina before taking to the kitchen. Bernstein honed her Latin American culinary skills in local restaurants and in 2005 opened Michy’s. “The thing I love about her food and this restaurant is that she has a lot of influence from her family as well as the Miami community,” Flay says.

Cultures Unite: Highlighting the best in local seafood, Michy’s features dishes such as Chupe de Mariscos and Peruvian-style ceviche alongside classics ranging from seared foie gras to duck confit. “When I go to the restaurant, I tend to order a lot of half orders,” Flay says, “and she has these amazing croquetas with Serrano ham and blue cheese.”

Unique Spin: “The concept for Michy’s was that of a ‘neighborhood restaurant,’ even if our ‘neighbors’ weren’t the only ones eating there,” Bernstein says. “I love to have fun in the kitchen and communicate that sense of fun to the customer, and for that, there’s nothing better than to take good old American dishes and make them your own.”  

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