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Creative Commons // David Castillo

Graciela Cattarossi

Photo by Graciela Cattarossi

Main gig: Owner/designer, David Castillo Gallery, Miami

As the owner of one of Miami’s hottest galleries, David Castillo eats, sleeps and breathes art.

“I don’t see things at the gallery and outside of the gallery as separate,” says Castillo, whose stable of 15 artists includes renowned multi-media artist Sanford Biggers and photographer Francie Bishop Good.

His “art is life” philosophy is paying off. Since opening eight years ago, Castillo’s space has participated in the prestigious Art Basel-Miami art show and has won numerous awards.

Castillo, who was born in Madrid, fell into the gallery scene after studying history and art history at Yale and the Vatican, respectively. His career path might be organic, but his approach to running a gallery is anything but.

“It’s not just about liking this versus that,” he explains. “It’s about having a real intellectual discussion about the work.” —Sydney Berry

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