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Historic Art Deco

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The Essex House
Designed by the famed Henry Hohauser and built in 1938, The Essex House remains a historic hotel in Miami Beach, welcoming visitors for business and pleasure alike. Offering many modern amenities and just steps away from the ocean, this historic landmark is exsquisite.

Casa Casuarina
This luxurious and extravagant Spanish-style Casa was discovered by infamous designer Gianni Versace in 1992. Although falling to ruins (it was first built in the early '30s) before Versace's tragic death, he fell in love and remodeled this beatuiful establishment. Previously run as a private club, Casa Casuarina is now open as a luxury boutique hotel for only the most elite patrons.

Casa Casaurina, 1116 Ocean Dr., Miami, Florida, 305-672-6604

Tides Hotel
First built in 1936 by L. Murray Dixon, today The Tides is known as the "diva of Ocean Drive." The hotel boasts a newly remodeled interior design by the always trendsetting Kelly Wearstler.

The Tides Hotel, 1220 Ocean Drive, Miami, Florida, 305-604-5070

Post Office
Quite possibly the most unique United States Post Office, the Miami Post Office is striking in its Art Deco design. Refurbished in 1977 by the U.S. Government, it's a fully functioning government building in the heart of the Design District.

Cavalier Hotel
First built in 1936, The Cavalier Hotel has a newly remodeled Mediterranean style descor in this stylish 45-room hotel. Like many of the historic buildings during the Art Deco tour, this hotel is still a hip place for travelers to stay and experience all of what Miami has to offer.

May 12, 2009

A collaboration with the Historic Miami Design Preservation League, the Art Deco Walking Tour takes you all around the Art Deco District, with highlights at some of Miami's most famous buildings. The Art Deco design influence began shortly after WWII, drawing inspiration from more sober aspects of design due to the recent Depression. Throughout Miami you'll see new and remodeled buildings with a tropical flare, adding relief oranamentation to the facades of many buildings along with a splash of color, which is now known as Miami Modern (MiMo) and Tropical Deco.

There is no need for reservations for the tour; all you'll have to do is arrive in time for one of the following departures. M–W, 10:30 a.m.; Th., 6:30 p.m.; F–Su., 10:30 a.m. Tours leave from the Art Deco Gift Shop. Adults, $20, seniors, $15.

Art Deco Gift Shop, 12th Street, just west of Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, Florida,

Locations in this slideshow:

Casa Casuarina
1116 Ocean Dr.
Miami, Fl. 33139

Cavalier Hotel
1320 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, Fl., 33139

The Essex House
1001 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

Post Office
1300 Washington Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33139

Tides Hotel
1220 Ocean Drive
Miami, Fl. 33139

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