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Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theater

Courtesy of the Guthrie Theater

Located near the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, take in a world-class show at the Guthrie Theater and dine at Cue restaurant.

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Guthrie Theater

818 S. Second St.




Hours:  Varies by show

Price:  Varies by show

Type:  Theater

When theater buffs in the Twin Cities get an itch for a top-notch show, their M.O. is not to hop on a plane for the Big Apple but to head downtown to the Guthrie Theater. In fact, Minneapolis and St. Paul are chock-full of theater locations, but the biggest and best is no doubt the Guthrie, which presents everything from classical literature to modern plays on its three stunning stages at the dramatic blue building built by French architect Jean Nouvel. The venue also houses Cue restaurant and Level Five Café—both great for pre- or post-show eats and drinks. Evening conquered!

Guthrie Theater
818 S. Second St.
Minneapolis-St. Paul

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