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You'll rediscover the art of the written word at Mitrebox.

Situated inside a 120-year-old storefront in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, Mitrebox Framing Studio and stationery store features a stunning selection of classic and contemporary designs.
As for the framing services, co-owners Sara Nachreiner and Mary Fajack favor an individualized approach. Both owners have backgrounds in interior design, so they like to ask about the look and feel of the customer’s home—traditional, modern or some combination thereof—in order to best integrate the framed art.

Before walking inside the store, take a moment to admire the roving exhibition in the Mitrebox storefront—it always features a Minnesota artist, usually the work of a playful painter. For an extra perk, schedule your visit for Saturday morning—that’s when local cupcake chef Sheela Namakkal, who has a cult following, sells her bite-sized confections from the store.

Mitrebox Framing Studio, 213 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis.,612-676-0696

This article has been adapted from the original, which was published in February 2009 by MSP Communications.

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