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Creative Commons // Ross Sveback

Ross Sveback, photo by Richard Fleischman

Photo by Richard Fleischman

Main gig: Luxury soap-maker based in Minneapolis.

Mortgage broker-turned-lifestyle expert Ross Sveback takes a proactive approach to his craft.

When a search for a luxe, masculine soap left Sveback empty-handed a few years back, he made one himself. Magi, a bar made from frankincense, myrrh and gold dust, was the first in his lauded line.

The beauty of Sveback’s soap is in the details. The VII, for example, is made of cream and honey—an homage to Cleopatra’s favorite bath additives.

These details caught Vogue beauty editor Sarah Brown’s eye, landing the soaps in the magazine last summer.

Says Sveback of his big break: “You know you’re onto something good when the preeminent beauty editor calls you and tells you her whole department is abuzz about your soaps.”

Elizabeth Doyle

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