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Plateau Mont-Royal

plateau mont-royal

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Hours:  Daily 24 hours

Price:  Prices vary by activity

Type:  Neighborhoods & Districts

One of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Montreal, this is where you can see locals—from artists and professionals to young families—in their element. This rapidly gentrifying area has the requisite bohemian undercurrents, with lively bars and cafés, designer boutiques and small theatres lining its leafy streets. Take note of the architectural elements, too, including the famous wrought-iron staircases on the exterior of walk-up duplexes and old-style stone masonry painted over in pastel hues. One of the neighborhood’s commercial arteries, St.-Denis Street is chock-a-block with restaurants, pint-sized boutiques, coffeehouses and pubs with terraces overlooking the sidewalk. Another pretty street, Rue Duluth is also lined with cafés and shops.
Plateau Mont-Royal

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"I love Montréal ... I think I love Montréal more than Montréal loves me ... I love the food there." —Kathy Griffin



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