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Steven Holcomb's Favorite Street


Upon overcoming a degenerative eye disorder that nearly left him blind, veteran bobsledder Steven Holcomb captained America’s four-man squad to victory at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It was the first gold for an American bobsled team in 62 years. The 33-year-old Park City native hopes to repeat that success this month in Sochi, where he’ll pilot Night Train Squared, a four-man sled. International travel is just another day on the job for Holcomb, who’s been on the road for his sport for 16 years, training and competing around North America and Europe. This little downtown street in Munich— his European training hub—has captured his heart. He visits it whenever he has a free day.

“During the 2010 Olympic season, my four-man crew and I stayed on Leopoldstrasse instead of flying home for Christmas. We visited the Christmas markets in the area and drank hot spiced wine.”

“This street is near the University of Munich, so there’s a lot going on—tons of stores and restaurants. If you follow the street south, you’ll run into Marienplatz, Munich’s old central plaza.”

“Head to Hofbräu München. It opened in 1589, and it’s the biggest pub you’ve ever seen. You’ll probably be seated at a table with 35 strangers who’ll be your friends by the end of the night.”

“Being American, we take our steak seriously. Block House did not disappoint. It’s a bit of an old-fashioned atmosphere, but the food is great. It’s a stop we just stumbled upon in our adventures there.”

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