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Tools of the Trade: Carrie & Matt Eddmenson


Photo styling by Jan Maple

Imogene + Willie founders Carrie and Matt Eddmenson are celebrating the Nashville-based cult denim brand’s fifth anniversary. While a great fit and spot-on service have a lot to do with the firm’s runaway success, the star is definitely the denim.

“We found an amazing denim from Cone Mills—one of the last American denim makers—left over from our family’s old company that we used to make our first 500 pairs,” says Matt. “We never saw a fabric wear in so well, and we loved the optic blue coloring. We asked Cone to re-create [it] exactly, and that’s still what we use today.”

The company’s men’s jeans are 100 percent cotton selvage (narrow-width fabric with a finished edge that’s woven on a traditional shuttle loom), while women’s are either 100 percent cotton or with a bit of Spandex added. “Jeans tell the story of what you do. It’s really a second skin,” says Carrie. “Take our jeans and define them on your own.”

Jason Oliver Nixon, September 2014

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