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Andrew Zimmern on a Sweet Ice Cream Shop

Doug Quint Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Sky June 2010

Photo by Aimee Herring

Doug Quint founded Big Gay Ice Cream Truck with Bryan Petroff in spring 2009.

New York City's Big Gay Ice Cream serves frozen snacks that are anything but ordinary.

Locale: Shop: 125 E. Seventh Street; Truck: Union Square-ish. Locations posted on Twitter @biggayicecream

The Scoop: Freelance musicians’ schedules slow considerably in the summer, and professional bassoonist Doug Quint often found himself with lots of downtime. A flautist friend operated an ice cream truck in the summer and encouraged Quint to start his own. The idea was definitely appealing. “I’d never really had a summer job growing up,” Quint says. “I was always at music camp.” He launched Big Gay Ice Cream Truck with the help of his partner, Bryan Petroff, in spring 2009. 

The Product: Quint starts out with the basics: high-quality vanilla and chocolate soft-serve. From there, it’s anything but ordinary. Favorites include vanilla drizzled with Bariani olive oil topped with sprinkles of sea salt. Then there’s The Gobbler—a sundae overflowing with pumpkin butter, graham crackers, whipped cream and craisins, which Quint likens to “licking your plate clean after Thanksgiving dinner and dessert.” Other toppings include ground wasabi peas, Trix cereal and toasted curried coconut.  

The Holy Grail: Quint sandwiches chocolate ice cream between two thin chocolate cookies. The kicker? Caramelized bacon. Dubbed “The Choinkwich,” this treat is so popular, Quint doesn’t put it on the menu because he simply can’t meet the demand. On days he’s stocked with bacon, he’ll notify enthusiasts via Twitter. “Within two or three minutes, I get my first Choinkwich order,” he says. 

This article has been adapted from the original, which appeared in the June 2010 issue of Sky.

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