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Creative Commons // Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang, Ball & Albanese

Photo by Ball & Albanese

Home Base: Queens, New York
Main Gig: Illustrator, designer

Up-and-coming graphic artist Sophia Chang was working in retail at a Puma store in 2007, unaware that in just a few years she would be creating marketing pieces for the company’s new line of women’s shoes.

Chang’s hip hop-influenced illustrations have also appeared in Steve Madden’s magazine and on posters for Anthony Bourdain’s former show, No Reservations.

In the past year, Chang has built up her brand by promoting her design work on Instagram and other social media.

“It’s kind of a passion project turning into a check situation,” she says of her various social media channels, adding that “the future is really bright. I’m really happy I’m able to live and do what I used to dream about.” 

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