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Elisabeth Moss' Favorite Street

Photo by Ball & Albanese

 Elisabeth Moss      
 Ga Fullner \ Shutterstock        

Elisabeth Moss says that playing Offred, a handmaid serving the ruling class, in the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the hardest jobs she’s ever had. “Offred is never in a good place,” says Moss. “She fights and fights and has these giant moments of winning and big bursts of hope only to be knocked down even further the next time. The stakes are always high.” Currently airing on Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale chronicles the human desire (and fight) for social, political and personal freedom. Sometimes, in flashback scenes, Moss gets to relax a little, like when making pancakes with her on-screen daughter. “Then back into the dark world of Offred!” she says. “But honestly, I love that kind of material. Too many pancake-making scenes and I get bored.”

Cafe Fiorello
“Probably my favorite restaurant in New York. I’ve been going with my mom and brother since I was 11. It has only changed for the better, which is rare because the city is constantly morphing!”

Metropolitan Opera House
“This is probably the most beautiful theater in New York City. It’s hard to compete with the red velvet, chandeliers, grand staircases and two giant Chagall paintings.”

Lincoln Ristorante
“They’ve designed the restaurant so that it doesn’t take away from the plaza, despite being positioned on it. The space gently rises out of the natural architecture.”

David H. Koch Theater
“I’ve been seeing the [New York City Ballet] perform here since I was a little girl. I will never tire of marveling at the skill and beauty of these artists.”

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