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My New York: Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

Photo courtesy of Trump

She spearheaded the purchase of Miami’s famed Doral Golf Resort & Spa for a steal and embarked on a $200 million renovation just a couple of weeks after giving birth to a baby girl. If it is possible to have it all, Ivanka Trump is proof positive—in patent leather stilettos that bear her name. Donald Trump’s 31-year-old daughter is fast emerging as the new face of the Trump organization: calmer, kinder and with much better hair. The Wharton-educated former model has earned her seat in the boardroom by overseeing the Doral project as well as the transformation of Washington, D.C.’s Old Post Office Pavilion into a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, her Ivanka Trump Collection is expanding beyond fashion and accessories to home goods. She has a lifestyle boutique in Soho and a presence in department stores across the country. She and husband Jared Kushner, a real estate developer and owner of the New York Observer, are expecting a second child later this year, but Trump has no intention of slowing down.

How has being a mom changed New York City for you?
I’m revisiting many experiences of my youth—spending more time at the American Museum of Natural History. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is phenomenal. I always spent time in Central Park, but now I’m visiting the swing set, the zoo. Of course, I have a personal affinity for the Central Park Carousel and skating rink [both operated by Trump].

What’s your favorite building in Manhattan?
The Trump World Tower was home growing up and it’s where my office is. The Flatiron Building, of course. And the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street is one of the most iconic. It was briefly the tallest building in the world.

Favorite restaurant?
For special occasions, Jean-Georges at the Trump Hotel. Lucali in Brooklyn has amazing pizza. I also really like Antica Pesa in Brooklyn.

You’re overseeing construction, making deals, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice and putting 22-month-old Arabella to bed most nights. When do you work on the Ivanka Trump Collection?
Often at 3 a.m. I’m incredibly involved—all of this has to be a continuation and extension of the Trump organization. Execution is everything.

Your products are sold alongside Jessica Simpson, another celebrity-driven brand. Is she your competition?
I view our products as different. My customer is a strong, feminine professional—whether she works in the home or a corporate context, she’s an empowered modern woman.

So what shoes would you suggest a modern woman wear while running around NYC?
Our Annulio flat is great for travel—it’s super chic. The Indico is a very elegant, pointy toe with a mid heel. But I must admit, I do love my stilettos.

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