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My New York: Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan on NYC sports and mental steroids.

Comedian Tracy Morgan was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, and he honed his comic delivery as a merchandise vendor outside of Yankee Stadium. Then a teenager, he says he pitched his wares with the snappy jingle: “Check it out! Check it out! Shirts, hats and baseball bats! You want it, I got it! If I ain’t, I’m gonna get it, so get it while the getting is good, you got it!”

“I used to sell out of everything,” Morgan says. “I made big money, with my charm and sense of humor.” The former Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star, currently on his Excuse My French standup tour, developed his team allegiances at an early age: “I rooted for whomever my family rooted for,” he says. “My father went for the Yankees, Knicks and Giants, and so do I.” He remains a fan of the old school, preferring the original Yankee Stadium to the glitzy new structure, Reggie Jackson to Alex Rodriguez and the humble hot dog to any of the gourmet snacks now served at New York’s sports meccas. Morgan has noticed a few similarities between how comedians and athletes work out. “I have to train my mind,” he says. “Right now I’m taking mental steroids.”

Morgan recently worked as a New Meadowlands Stadium tour guide for a Funny or Die video in which he “guestimates” that the Giants have won “about 11” Super Bowls. But what if he had real power with the Yankees? We asked him what moves he would make as GM. “I would sign one of Mariano Rivera’s sons,” he says. Hear that, Bronx Bombers?

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