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Style Inspiration // Montauk

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On Model: J. Crew
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Hat by San Diego Hat Company, $52.99. zappos.com.
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Poncho by Ace & Jig, $212.
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Lantern by Haus, $28.
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Blanket by Pierrepont Hicks for Fairbault Woolen Mill Co., $150.
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Shorts by Ace & Jig, $147.
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Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble, $24.
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Tongs from Target, $7.99.
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Pickles and Bloody Mary Mix by McClure’s, $6.99.
Style Notes

Scent of Summer:

Bobbi Brown’s Beach blends notes of Coppertone and coconut. $67.50 at Macy's and bobbibrown.com.

Style Notes

Super Water:

Don’t let the fear of feeling foul the next day stop you from having a good time. After a night out, resQwater’s miracle formula is said to help the body process booze.

GO THERE: Forgo the ritzy resorts for a sleepaway-camp-inspired stay at Ruschmeyer’s, the latest outpost from King & Grove hoteliers. Play a game of ping-pong before dinner in the hotel’s mess hall (with a menu by the culinary genius behind Fat Radish), followed by a maritime-inspired cocktail (try the Bellafonte margarita, named after Bill Murray’s ship in The Life Aquatic) at the Electric Eel. Venture off campus with a trip to nearby Surf Lodge, where you’ll find outdoor concerts, movie screenings and a killer food truck for late-night snacks. —Elizabeth Doyle

Photos by Michael Hendrickson

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