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Norfolkcity of mermaids

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Norfolk: A Navy Town

Nauticus Norfolk

Courtesy of Beth Bilderback

The Battleship Wisconsin at Norfolk's Nauticus Naval Museum.

Norfolk is a city connected to the sea, and Norfolk’s Nauticus, a maritime science museum, holds exhibits and films about the U.S. Navy and its relationship to the city.

Most noticeable at Nauticus, and certainly an icon of Norfolk, is The Battleship Wisconsin. Used during World War II, this battleship offers a teak deck and audio guided tours, and is one of Norfolk's largest attractions as well as one of only four Iowa–class ships still in existence. It is one of the largest and last battleships built by the U.S. Navy.

At the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, located on the second floor of Nauticus, Norfolk’s naval history comes alive. Immerse yourself in more than 200 years of Naval history and explore maritime exhibits. Go back to 1907 to Jamestown’s Exposition and the beginning of the Navy’s climb to strength and power.

Another permanent Nauticus exhibit is the Design Chamber: Battleship X. Visitors can experience a small taste of life on a Naval battleship. Step aboard the interactive theater where a competition to design the premier battleship occurs between visitors and the Navy’s experienced ship designers.

A museum for all ages, Nauticus offers points of interest for all family members. If you are traveling with children, Nauticus’ Horseshoe Crab Cove will be a hit. Visitors can observe and pet sea creatures ranging from hermit crabs to sharks in the museum’s very own mimicked tide pool. Navy veterans will enjoy a look into the past with naval uniforms spanning the eras on display at The Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

Visitors can stop between exhibits for lunch at The Outtakes Café or pick up a mermaid coffee mug at Nauticus’ gift shop—a perfect way to remember Norfolk.

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