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Wine Your Way Through Hampton Roads

Virginian Wine

Photos courtesy of Amy E. Ciarametaro and David Hausmann

Savor some of Virginia's prized wines at local wine bars and restaurants.

A Little Background
When English settlers founded Jamestown, they dreamed of creating prosperous wineries and cultivating vineyards. Initially they were not successful, and the Tidewater area became primarily known for growing tobacco. A few hundred years later, Virginia is making history with wine. Starting in the 1950s, a greater number of vineyards began popping up in the north central and eastern parts of the state. Today, Virginia is one the top five states with the most wineries, falling only shortly behind California, New York, Oregon and Washington. But the Virginian wine and vineyards remain unique, infused with part southern spirit and part modern wine movement.

Onto the Good Stuff

For visitors to the Hampton Roads area, wine festivals, vineyards and restaurants are part of the local culture and all feature a selection of Virginia wines:

  • In autumn, celebrate Virginia wine in downtown Norfolk at Town Point Virginia Wine Festival. This celebration of the area’s superb wine features wine tasting and live music. Visitors can also view the newest in wine accessories and eat delicious fare from local vendors.
  • Care to experience what life is like picking grapes for a living? Visit Blackwater Vineyard in nearby Virginia Beach during September and October. Home to Virginia’s largest planting of scuppernong and muscadine vines with more than 10 varieties, come pick and eat grapes in this beautiful vineyard setting.
  • Ideal for an evening date or perfect way to start a vacation, attend a wine tasting at Grape & Gourmet in Virginia Beach. Featuring a large cellar collection, Grape & Gourmet also carries an array of Virginian wine choices. Bottoms up!
  • VINTAGE kitchen in Norfolk not only features remarkable cuisine and stunning views of the water, but also a vast selection of Virginia wines. Come for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, and savor the product of local vineyards.

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