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Wine Regions: Bordeaux

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Vineyard in St. Emilion
Nestled in the Bordeaux reagion of France, the town of St. Emilion is home to many vineyards and wineries.
St. Emilion
View of the town of St. Emilion.
Laurent de Bordeaux

Place Saint-Pierre

Bedroom at Château des Baudry
While staying in Bordeaux, rent a room at Château des Baudry.
Château des Baudry

Dining at Château des Baudry
Enjoy fresh, tasty treats paired with the house wines at Château des Baudry.
Château Franc Mayne
Château Franc Mayne in St. Emilion offers visitors a full winery experience.
Vineyard at Franc Mayne
Château Franc Mayne offers picturesque views of the Bordeaux region.
Bar a Vin
Go out for a glass of local nectar at Bar a Vin.

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