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Creative Commons // Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee, photo by Frank Walsh

Photo by Frank Walsh

Main gig: Cut paper artist

Home base: Pittsburgh

Bovey Lee has been creating intricate cut paper art since the summer of 2005, when her father gave her his collection of Chinese cuttings.

“I was looking for a medium to integrate all my training,” says Lee, who holds a master’s degree in painting from University of California-Berkeley and a master’s in computer graphics and interactive media from Pratt Institute. “I found paper cutting most suited my love for detail, precision and complexity.”

When making a new work, Lee first creates images on her computer before hand-cutting them onto Chinese rice paper using an X-ACTO knife. Some pieces take Lee months to complete, as was the case with the lacy, psychedelic “Atomic Jellyfish.”

Her ultimate goal with cut paper art? To create beautiful and provocative pieces inspired by the modern world. 

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