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What to Pack

What to Pack Richmond

The dress is Southern sophisticated

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What to Pack

Like any Southern city, Richmond starts cool but warms up with the sun during the day. So cardigans over dresses or professional suits are a good idea in summer. They do get snow, but rarely. The dress is Southern sophisticated. Stylish, creative clothes, but everyone here likes a little color. Richmond is an old money town with lots of commerce and style. Still, subtlety is key. Jewelry and fashion are restrained, which may explain why there are so many consignment shops. Preserve what’s good. Just find a new use for it.

The style in Richmond is casual, with everyone wearing clothes that reflect his or her own personal style, rather than conforming. So if that means dressing up is your style then go for it. But the diners at the next table may be in jeans.

What to Pack

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