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Wine Country

Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail

Courtesy of Casa Larga Vineyards

Explore the Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail and more.

Finger Lakes Wine Country produces some of the most premier wines in the eastern United States. The Finger Lakes themselves provide an ideal environment for grapes, insulating the vines during extreme temperature changes familiar to New York State. The region is not only great for grape growing, but is home to beautiful landscapes as well, attracting wine enthusiasts and nature lovers from across the country. Just a short jaunt from downtown Rochester, you’ll find scenic wine trails around four of the Finger Lakes, all full of charming towns, stunning views and, of course, exquisite wine.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail 
Be sure to explore New York State’s largest and most active wine trail, which is home to 32 wineries and hundreds of national and international awards. Seneca Lake’s deep depths and sloping hillsides combine to create an ideal environment for grape growing. This trail is known to produce some particularly notable rieslings, pinot gris, cabernets, merlots and more. For award-winning wine accompanied by gorgeous scenery, stop at the most photographed winery in New York, Chateau LaFayette Reneau. Or, enjoy a glass on a Tuscany-inspired winery, café and event venue at Ventosa Vineyards, where Italian grapes such as Sangiovese are grown—a rare find in the Finger Lakes Region.

Keuka Lake Wine Trail 
A day trip to each of Keuka Lake Wine Trail’s eight wineries is quite manageable, as it is one of the smallest of the four major lakes in the Finger Lakes Region. But don’t be fooled by its modest size—this charming wine trail has inspired wineries across the United States. Stop at Dr. Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars to sample some of best rieslings in the country. Dr. Konstantin Frank, the original owner of the winery, innovated a way for the native European vinifera grape (previously thought too delicate for chillier areas) to thrive in the colder climates of northeastern America, producing some of the first rieslings in the Eastern United States in the early 1960s. Today, this prestigious and historic winery has earned the reputation as New York’s most award-winning winery, and is a can’t-miss on this picturesque trail.

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail
The first wine trail in America and the oldest in New York, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail is surrounded by the longest of the Finger Lakes, stretching for nearly 40 miles. Due to its extensive wine tradition, it’s no surprise that this trail boasts top-notch wine selections. Arrive by boat or car at Sheldrake Point Winery and test your palate while taking in the rolling hills and lakeside views from its western shore tasting room. Or head to the three-time Governor’s Cup-winning Swedish Hill Winery, popular for its diverse selection of whites and reds.

Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail 
With wineries just 20 minutes away from downtown Rochester, this trail offers convenient access for travelers and a wonderfully unique set of wines. Casa Larga Vineyards is famous for its ice wines, especially the Fiori Vidal Ice Wine, which has been heralded as the world’s best dessert wine, among other awards. Spice things up with a trip to Arbor Hill Winery the first in the world to produce the spicy, yet fruity Traminette white wine. Top off your visit with some of Arbor Hill’s famous grape pies or other gourmet grape products sold in its store.

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Karen Colizzi Noonan
Thank you for spotlighting the wonderful Finger Lakes area in your in-flight magazine. Those of us who call the region home have always known what an amazing place it is. Now everyone in the Delta sky will know it too!
9/26/2012 7:54:14 AM

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