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1 City 5 Ways Rome: History Buff

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Where to Stay
Gladiatori Palazzo Manfredi
Built on the ruins of the old gladiator barracks and as close as you can get to Rome's historial past: The top floor overlooks the Colosseum, Imperial Fora and Dormus Aurea.
Morning Activity
Forum and Capitoline Hill
Tour the Roman Forum and Imperial Fora followed by Capitoline Museum, one of the world's oldest public museums.

Afternoon Activity and Dinner
Pantheon and Balbi Crypt
Stand below the oculus in the Pantheon before heading underground at the nearby Balbi Crypt to see how the city was built upon ancient ruins.

Spirito DiVino
With Julius Caesar's favorite recipes for inspiration, this charming hideaway seeps history. Visit its wine cellar inside the ruins of an ancient Jewish synagogue.
Nightcap and Evening Activity
Salotto 42
Toast to the past in this bar overlooking a temple dating back to 145 AD.

Night Walk
Start on Capitoline Hill overlooking the Roman Forum and wander through the lit piazzas. Nothing tops seeing Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon at midnight.
Gladiatori Palazzo Manfredi
Via Labicana, 125 
Rome 00184

Forum and Capitoline Hill

Piazza del Campidoglio 1 
Rome 00186

Pantheon and Balbi Crypt


Spirito DiVino
Via Dei Genovesi 31 A/B
Vicolo Dell'Atleta
Rome 01153

Night Walk


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