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Tiffany Shlain's Favorite Street

Park City Utah, Adam Barker

Photo by Adam Barker

Main Street in Park City, Utah.

Tiffany Shlain.        

In her AOL Web series, The Future Starts Here, director Tiffany Shlain explores the philosophical questions behind the newest tech innovations: When should children be given a cellphone? When does being tracked by computers become creepy? What are the pitfalls of humble bragging over social media? “It can be exhausting to receive so much perfection from everyone,” she says. The founder of the Webby Awards, Shlain has her family unplug once a week, saying, “I feel so creative the next day.” Another way she seeks inspiration is by escaping the tech-crazed Bay Area for the slower pace of Park City, Utah. “The historic Main Street reminds me of an earlier time in America,” says Shlain. Here are her favorite stops.

The Egyptian Theatre: “It‘s an old, beautiful theater with a marquee. I had my feature documentary film, Connected, play there, so I have sentimental excitement about it.”

Shabu: “They describe their food as ‘freestlye Asian cuisine,’ which I love. They serve a nightly special where the chef cooks seasonal ingredients in a clay hot pot.”

Dolly’s Bookstore: “They have great speakers, and I’ve gone to a lot of author readings here. It’s not too big, and they have a well-informed staff.”

Town Lift Plaza: “I’ve never seen the slopes coming out of a city like they do here. There’s a chairlift that will take you from the street right to the heart of the ski hill.”

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