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San Juan

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Condado Beach

Condado Beach

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Condado Beach

999 Ashford Ave.


Hours:  Open daily 24 hours

Price:  Free admission

Type:  Neighborhoods & Districts

While no one dares to call it the island’s best beach, San Juan’s most popular municipal beach will likely be a stop at some point for most visitors. Many never even leave the vicinity, as most high-rise hotels and resorts, casinos and top restaurants can be found here. Sitting in the western corner of San Juan, Condado is protected by a natural rock barrier, which keeps waves at a minimum. The beach is modest in size, but it allows for plenty of shade and has a separate lagoon. Most hotels offer elaborate pool areas, accessible only with a room key, fronting the beach. Participating in water sports, such as jet skiing or paragliding, is readily accessible. The countless beach bars often become party centers on Saturdays and Sundays.
Condado Beach
999 Ashford Ave.
San Juan

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