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Santa Ana Basics

Santa Ana

Located 10 miles from the coast, Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County. One of 34 cities within this 790-square-mile county, Santa Ana is considered part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. John Wayne Airport, which flies to 20 non-stop destinations including several cities in Canada, serves the entire region of Orange County.

One of Santa Ana's most notable businesses is the musical instrument company Rickenbacker. Its electric and bass guitars have garnered recognition over the years thanks to the many rock and roll legends who have played them. The Rickenbacker company is a perfect example of Santa Ana’s role within the LA-metro area; while it’s not the star of the show like Hollywood or even Newport Beach, Santa Ana and its contributions to business, entertainment and the area’s overall economy are a crucial component of Orange County and the rest of the Los Angeles metro area.

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